Blasting, Painting & Tank Maintenance


Painting and Coatings division provides all types of surface coating solutions for aboveground storage tanks . We also engage in Tank Repair Works.


PUREWORLD MIDDLEEAST Diversified Coating Applications


Aboveground Storage Tanks

Pressure Vessels



Offshore and Marine Structures

Other Metal and Non-Metal Structures

100% Solids Coating Material

Low Temp Applications

Automated Portable Shot Blast Cleaning


Secondary Containment Tank Bottoms & Systems


Tank bottom replacements


Floating Roof Drain Systems


Cone Roof & Structure Repair & Replacements


Sunken or Collapsed Floating Roof Repairs


In-Service Tank Repairs


Stairways, Handrails, & Platforms


Out-of Round or Buckled Tank Shell Repairs


Primary & Secondary Seals for Floating Roof Tanks


Fire Fighting Foam Systems


Internal & External Floating Roof Installations & Repairs


Shell Nozzles, Man ways & Appurtenances


Tank Seal & Repairs


Rolling Ladders and Stair Treads


Tank Relocation


Tank Jacking & Leveling


Tank Foundations