The Pureworld project management services group has developed proprietary processes, technologies and capabilities.


Project Management systems: Pureworld has a comprehensive set of project management procedure. These include details of roles and responsibilities, legal, HSE, QA/QC, risk, cost and scheduling requirements.


Risk Management: Pureworld has developed a layered approach to risk management. This allows projects to identify risk areas and take the appropriate actions to mitigate those risks.


HSEQ: Pureworld has HSEQ management systems to minimize  the risk to all company, supplier and contractor personnel and the environment during all phases of a project.


Procurement Management: Pureworld has a comprehensive set of procurement management procedures.


Document Control: Pureworld’s software DOCPRO provides a complete document control systems for all phases of a project including, document registers, vendor data, trnasmittals, progress management, document tracking and hand over to operations.


E-Business: All of Pureworld’s business processes are full electronic and web enabled. This allows for the efficient flow of information to the various work sites.